Sea to Summit Blåmann Vertical – Norway

August 1

Therese Sjursen (NOR) on her way to her first VKWC victory ©DavidGonthier

Distance: 2.7 km

Vertical climb: 1,044m

Highest point: 1,044m

Race records: Stian Angermund 35’20” (2015); Emelie Forsberg 43’41” (2015)

Store Blåmann or Blåmannen is the highest mountain on the island Kvaløya in Tromsø, with one of the most famous climbing walls in northern Norway. The Sea to Summit Blåmann Vertical starts from sea level and climbs directly to the 1,044m summit.

No special climbing skills or equipment are necessary, but caution is advised on the last part of the climb which can be difficult in wet conditions. The course is over 500m of soft trail, 500m over rocky trail and the last 50m are a scramble to the top.

Tromsø, Norway

Start time: 15.00

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