Italians take Santa Caterina VK

Michele Boscacci, winner, Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer. © / VKWC

It was the turn of the sixth event on the new Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit Friday, June 16, with the Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer® in Italy’s Stelvio National Park. The circuit counts eighteen races in eight countries.

Short and sweet, the race climbs exactly 1,000m vertically over 2.9 km with an average incline of 35% – just the way the VK specialists like it. Italy is home to some of the best Vertical Kilometer athletes in the world, as the results and rankings demonstrate.

First to reach the 2,739m summit was Michele Boscacci in 34’56”, followed by Nejc Kuhar in 35’14”and Patrick Facchini in 35’40”.

A brilliant fourth position was secured by top skyrunner Marco De Gasperi who, together with his team, is also organiser of the weekend’s four events which include the Livigno SkyMarathon®, third race on the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series calendar.

Race winner Valentina Belotti, Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer. © / VKWC

The women’s podium was headed by Valentina Belotti in 41’26”, with a new entry on the international VK scene from Finland, Susanna Saapunki, second in 42’23”. In third, Francesca Rossi who closed in 43’08”.

With a fourth position in the race here, Italian Stephanie Jimenez maintains her ranking lead after four races, while Spaniard Maria Zorroza rises to second and Valentina Belloti, after two straight wins, holds third position.

Davide Magnini rises to the third rung of the rankings which continue to be led by Andorran Ferran Teixido and Norwegian Stian Angermund in second.

The 80 participants raced the first part of the course over pastures, ski runs and scree without any particular difficulty, but the last 80 metres are run over a very technical section equipped with a fixed rope to guarantee participants’ safety which was always a priority of the mountain guides and the Alpine Rescue service overseeing the race.

Next race on the Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit will be on July 7 in Val d’Isère, France with the Kilomètre Vertical® Face de Bellevarde.

Winners Belotti and Boscacci at S Caterina Vertical Kilometer. © / VKWC

Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer® results

  1. Michele Boscacci (ITA) – 34’56”
  2. Nejc Kuhar (SLO) – 35’14”
  3. Patrick Facchini (ITA) – 35’40”
  4. Marco De Gasperi (ITA) 35’41″
  5. Davide Magnini (ITA) 35’48”9


  1. Valentina Belotti (ITA) – 41’26”
  2. Susanna Saapunki (ITA) – 42’23”
  3. Francesca Rossi (ITA) – 43’08”
  4. Stephanie Jimenez (ITA) – 44’30”
  5. Maria Zorroza (ESP) – 44’45”

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