Records fly at Zegama VK

Stephanie Jimenez, ranking leader. ©Quim Farrero / VKWC

Spaniard Laura Orgué and Norwegian Stian Angermund-Vik showed yet again their prowess in the Vertical Kilometer® skyrunning discipline. Both World Champions of the category, they crushed the standing race records in the Zegama-Aizkorri Vertical Kilometer® in Spain’s Basque Country on May 26. The new records stand at 34’55” for Angermund-Vik and 41’40” for Orgué.

Lining up at the start line were 217 competitors including top international names such as Swede Emelie Forsberg and New Zealander Anna Frost.

Jan Margarit, second in Zegama VK. ©Quim Farrero / VKWC

In its third year and part of the highly popular Zegama-Aizkorri event, the course is 5,200m long with 1,015m vertical climb up the Sierra Aizkorri, the highest mountain in the Basque Country.

The race marks the third event in the new Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit, a spin-off of the Skyrunner® World Series since 2017, which counts eighteen races in eight countries.

Leading the ranking after the three races are Stian Angermund, Saul Padua from Columbia and Ferran Teixido from Andorra in the men’s category. Heading the women’s ranking are Stephanie Jimenez from Italy, Hilde Alders from Norway and Laura Orgué.

Laura Orgué and Stian Angermund, Zegama VK winners and record holders. ©Quim Farrero / VKWC

2017 Zegama-Aizkorri Vertical Kilometer® results

  1. Stian Angermund (NOR) – 34’55”
  2. Jan Margaret (ESP) – 36’11”
  3. Imanol Goñi (ESP) – 37’18”
  4. Iñigo Laritz (ESP) – 37’26”
  5. Mikel Beunza (ESP) – 37’26”


  1. Laura Orgué -(ESP) – 41’40”
  2. Maite Maiora (ESP) – 42’28”
  3. Maria Zorroza (ESP) – 44’55”
  4. Stephanie Jimenez (ITA) – 45’02”
  5. Hilde Aders (NOR) – 45’15”

Full race results

Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit ranking

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