Trentapassi Vertical Race – Italy

May 5

Stephanie Jimenez, fourth in 2018. ©Alice Russolo

Distance: 3.4 km

Vertical climb: 1,050m

Highest point: 1,248m

Race records: Davide Magnini 38’17” (2017); Christel Dewalle 48’19” (2018)

The Trentapassi Vertical Race, towers high above Italy’s famous Iseo Lake in Lombardy, where the race starts. The 3.5 km course ascends with a 1,000m vertical climb to the summit of the Corno Trentapassi (1,248m).

The technical course offers sharp, rocky stretches along paths, mule tracks and ancient carriage ways. The incredible views of the lake below won’t distract you from using your hands on scrambling sections higher up and, at the summit, an incredible welcome from hundreds of cheering fans will make it all worth while.

Marone, Lombardy, Italy

Start time: 9.15

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