Verticale du Grand Serre – France – FINAL (BONUS VK)

September 29

New world record holder, Axelle Mollaret makes it look easy at Verticale du Grand Serre. ©MRSWS

Distance: 1.8 km

Vertical climb: 1,000m

Highest point: 2,140m

Race records: Rémi Bonnet 30’13” (2018); Axelle Mollaret 34’36” (2018)

An extra 50% points are awarded in this race for the ranking

The Verticale du Grand Serre is one of the shortest, steepest VK’s in the world – just 1,811 metres long. Kilian Jornet set his personal best time to date here in 2015 in 30’2″.

At the summit, the view across the Alps is captivating and, after the race, many runners stay over to recover their breath and enjoy the landscape.

The race is a time trial. A €2,000 bonus is at stake here for breaking the men’s and women’s VK World Record (set at Fully).

Cholonge, France

Start time: 9.00 am

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