Dewalle and Gachet Grand Serre winners

Race winner Xavier Gachet, Vertical du Grand Serre. © / SWS

One of the shortest, steepest Vertical Kilometers in the world, the Verticale du Grand Serre took place on Sunday, October 1, representing the 15th stage of the Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit.

Winners on home ground were Xavier Gachet and Christel Dewalle who summited in 30’55” and 34’58” respectively, Dewalle setting the new women’s record.

The men’s podium was all-French with Tao Quemere and William BonMardion in second and third.

Christel Dewalle, Vertical du Grand Serre race winner with Xavier Gachet. © / SWS

Thanks to his third position here, Bon-Mardion now rises to third on the ranking which is still led by Norwegian Stian AngermundVik. Slovenian Nejc Kuhar climbs to second thanks to his fourth place here.

Women’s podium Verticale du Grand Serre, Kreuzer, Dewalle and Jagercikova. ©VKWC

Dewalle headed the women’s podium setting the new record, followed by Switzerland’s Victoria Kreuzer in second and Marianna Jagercikova from Slovakia in third.

Kreuzer now ranks second behind leader Spaniard Laura Orgué.

International VK specialists gathered here to enjoy the tough competition and to collect precious ranking points in the 17-race circuit together with some 400 participants.

Exactly 1,000m of vertical climb, the race is just 1,811m long ascending up grassy slopes to the highest point at 2,140m above the small village of Cholonge in the Rhône-Alpes.

Vertical du Grand Serre race organiser Atmah Singh. © / SWS

The 2017 Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit semi-final will head for Limone sul Garda in Italy on October 13 with the Grèste de la Mughéra Vertical Kilometer® where top VK specialists will compete.


  1. Xavier Gachet (FRA) – 30’55”
  2. Tao Quemere (FRA) – 31’36”
  3. William Bon-Mardion (FRA) – 31’55”
  4. Nejc Kuhar (SLO) – 32’20”
  5. Alexis Sevennec (FRA) – 32’29”


  1. Christel Dewalle (FRA) – 34’58”
  2. Victoria Kreuzer (SUI) – 36’39”
  3. Marianna Jagercikova (SVK) – 39’55”
  4. Jennifer Fiechter (SUI) – 39’56”
  5. Mélanie Jeannerod (SUI) 40’26”


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