Norway – land of VK champions

Three-time race winner, new VK World Circuit ranking leader, Norwegian Stian Angermund Vik. © / VKWC

North of the Arctic Circle, some of the world’s top skyrunners are emerging. Norwegians triumphed on home ground today with Vertical Kilometer® World Champion Stian Angermund Vik sharing the top of the podium with Eli Anne Dvergsdal, who sprinted to close just one second ahead of skyrunning star Emelie Forsberg from Sweden, two-time winner here.

Blåmann VK race winner, Norwegian Eli Anne Dvergsdal.© / VKWC

The Blåmann Vertical was the 11th leg of the 18-race Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit which took place on the island of Kvaløya, Tromsø, Norway. A mere 2.7 km long, the race climbs to the summit of the highest mountain at 1,044m.

A field of just 75 runners took up the challenge but the 50 men and 25 women represented no less than 18 countries from as far afield as Argentina, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Athletes from 18 countries participated in the Blåmann VK. © / VKWC

Angermund Vik now tops the rankings in his third win of the season and racks up his third win here. Second was Frenchman Alexis Sevennec and third, Pierre Metta from Switzerland.

Third lady was Therese Sjursen also from Norway and in fourth, Hilde Aders who now climbs to the third slot of the rankings.

Emelie Forsberg, two-time race winner, 2nd today. © / VKWC

The 2015 race records remain at 35’20” by Stian Angermund Vik and 43’41” by Emelie Forsberg.

The Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit continues in Montana, USA on September 1 with the Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer®, the hardest 3-mile “run” in America.

Blåmann Vertical Kilometer® results

1. Stian Angermund Vik (NOR) – 36’59”
2. Alexis Sévennec (FRA) – 37’46”
3. Pierre Mettan (SUI) – 40’37”
4. Julien Ançay (SUI) – 42’03”
5. Adam Jensen (USA) – 42’45”


1. Eli Anne Dvergsdal (NOR) – 45’58”
2. Emelie Forsberg (SWE) – 45’59”
3. Therese Sjursen (NOR) – 47’21”
4. Hilde Aders (NOR) – 48’22”
5. Anita Iversen Lilleskare (NOR) – 48’28”


Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit rankings

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